NKD - Club Rules

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No Play on the Ground Floor

Pleas respect the club staff and people who have just arrived and dont play in the Bar and Dancefloor areas of the club - Theres plenty of rooms upstairs for that

Respect All Others in the Venue

No means NO

Nudity Only Upstairs

Whilst underwear and items of clothing are permitted on the groundfloor, to make all patrons feel comfortable, please remove all clothing before going upstairs

Wear Shoes at all Times

Please make sure you always have footwear on for health and safety reasons

No Sex in the Hottub!

During the summer months when we have the hottub on the roof terrace, please for sake of hygiene, no sex in the hottub!!

Above All..... Have Fun!

We would like everyone to have a good time at NKD, if you have a problem or are not happy with something (or someone) please come and speak to either Ant (Club Organiser) or Cherry (Venue Manager)